1. I / We have gone through all the Rules and Regulations and the Terms and Conditions formed by the National Education Foundation (NEF) for NECC NEF ENDURO 2019 and have understood the same. I am also aware that these Rules and Regulations and the Terms and Conditions are binding on me as a participant.
  1. I / We also agree that These rules may be modified or altered at the discretion of the Race Committee at any time.
  1. I declare that after having understood all the Rules and Regulations and the Terms and Conditions formed by the NEF for the Race and after being aware of the risks involved in the Race I have decided to participate in the Race on my own volition, responsibility and without any coercion or influence by anyone including my parents / guardians.
  1. I am aware of the Physical Fitness required for participation in this Adventure Race and I have my doctors permission to do so. I do not have any personal history of any disease incapacitating me to undergo the physical demands of  NECC NEF ENDURO 2019.  I declare that I am physically fit to participate in  NECC NEF ENDURO 2019.
  1. I declare that I shall not hold NEF or its Race Director or other members or any other person authorized by the NEF responsible on any count including death / any injury and/or damage to me/my person or my property.
  2. I declare that if my team / I Fail to Attend the Pre-Race Briefing  scheduled on 5th February 2018, I / We automatically lose the right to PROTEST [ ARTICLE 10 of the Rules and Regulations ].




  • You will be asked to upload good quality scans of your Passport Size Photo and your Identity & Date of Birth Documents ( Passport or Driving License or AADHAR Card only ). Please keep the size of each upload below 200 kb.
  • Participants in the Junior, Collegian and Media Category will also have to upload scans of official I-Cards Issued for the current year by their institutions.
  • Every Participant below the age of 18 years will have to courier / post a signed PARENT / GUARDIAN DECLARATION CERTIFICATE ( format available at ) to the NEF Office [25, Parvati, Purandare Building, Parvati Paytha, Pune : 411009 ] for approval of registration.
  • The contact numbers of any other NECC NEF ENDURO 2019 participants / organisers cannot be provided as an Emergency Contact Number.
  • Mere Payment of Registration Fees does not equate to a Confirmed registration. You will receive final Approval Email with Team Code and a Declaration Form once your registration form is scrutinised and found to be complete.
  • Participants with incomplete forms, incorrect documents, illegible photos and other information will be communicated via official email < > only.
  • Every Participant will have to sign a DECLARATION CERTIFICATE printed by NEF ( format available at ) on the day of the Race as part of the race day reporting
  • There will be a Pre-Race Briefing organised by NEF for the benefit of the Registered Participants. The Time, Date and location of the PRE-RACE BRIEFING will be informed post registration. The Pre-Race Briefing is recommend for all participants, where the Rules & Regulations, Procedures and Other Details of the Race 2018 will be shared. Participants / Teams Failing to Attend the Pre-Race Briefing automatically lose their right to PROTEST [ ARTICLE 10 ].
  • There will be NO PRIZE DISTRIBUTION CEREMONY the  Prize Money ( via Cheque Only )  and Certificates will be sent to the winners via post to their registered Postal Address.’
  • It is mandatory for all participants to avail the transport facility provided by NEF ( already included in your registrations fees ). No exceptions will be made for both the participants or their equipment. No Private Transportation is Allowed.