ADVENTURE RACING (also called Expedition Racing) is typically a multi-disciplinary team sport involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length. At its core an Adventure Race is a non-stop, mixed gender, event that combines two or more disciplines and involves teamwork and navigation using map and compass.First Organised in India in 2003 by National Education Foundation (NEF) Pune, NECC NEF ENDURO is India’s first and the only multi-disciplinary Adventure Race. NEF ENDURO tests the competitors’ physical and mental endurance. Spread across 200 Kilometers, running round the clock the teams cover a vast geographical terrain; navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint steering past a combination of sports like Trekking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, River Crossing, Rifle Shooting  and Navigation.

NECC NEF ENDURO is a NON-SUPPORTED Adventure Race. An expedition race where the participants / teams are not permitted any external support are to be self sufficient, carry their own equipment, food and supplies for the duration of the race. NECC NEF ENDURO is not a recreational event but a serious adventure activity governed by a set of Rules & Regulations and requires an above average physical strength, stamina and mental endurance.  It is a test for athletes, adventure sports professionals and outdoor enthusiasts with new and challenging routes, innovative and varied adventure sports disciplines whilst providing a platform to compete for serious prize money.



NECC NEF ENDURO has the distinction of being India’s first and only adventure race and has been attracting increasing participation across varied age group since its inception in 2003. From an initial registration of 48 teams the participation has grown to 200 teams of adventure and nature lovers congregating from across Metros, small towns and as far as even Kashmir.

In its 15th year ENDURO has left an indelible foot print and created an incomparable experience for adventure lovers. The challenge only gets tougher as the teams get bigger.

We derive our strength from the firm and motivating support we continue to receive from out title sponsors since 2004 National Egg Co-ordination Committee and VenCobb.   The Phenomenal growth both in popularity and in scale of adventure has been possible only because of the relentless support our co-sponsors including Vodafone, SLK Global, Enerzal, Adventure Sports & Beyond, Coca-Cola, Redbull, Nestle, Maggie, Skins, Petzl, Schnell Cycles, FireFox Cycles and many more



One of the most important aspects involved in the organization of NECC NEF ENDURO Adventure Race is Ecological Awareness. This event takes place entirely in the outdoors. Through this we intend to encourage the participants to go and experience nature in its purest form. But while doing so they will also have to respect its sanctity. The rules strictly prohibit participants from harming or disturbing the nature in any manner. Participants are not allowed to litter anywhere on the race route. All that the participants pack up in their bag packs will have to be brought back to the finish line failing to comply leads to immediate disqualification.
Also as a measure towards promoting a healthy way of life, all NECC NEF ENDURO participants are prohibited from consuming Alcohol, Tobacco or any other banned substances while participating in the race. Smoking is also banned during the race. Failing to comply with these conditions leads to immediate disqualification.



National Education Foundation (NEF), Pune a not for profit organization active in the field of adventure sports and informal-outdoor education for since 1991. For the past 26 years NEF has been imparting informal and outdoor education conducting summer camps and treks for youngsters, amateur wireless training programs (HAM Radio), and OBT (Outbound Training) Programs for Corporates.  NEF endeavors to create a whole new generation of multi-faceted individuals who cherish a passion for the outdoors and are inspired to make a mark of their own.  Therefore, it has consistently awarded scholarships to many deserving students for advance training in mountaineering, paragliding, horse riding, and wind surfing.

Inspired with this motto NEF has been religiously and relentlessly pursuing the agenda of creating awareness in the area of outdoor adventure sports for the past two decades. Through its range of events and training programs throughout the year NEF has helped over 10,000+ youngsters explore the diversely endowed uncharted natural treasures of Sahyadri and introduced them to the magic and thrill of nature along with instilling a spirit of adventure, team building, leadership and environmental awareness.

NEF organizes India’s first and only adventure race, NECC NEF ENDURO, held in February every year, the Adventure Race puts the participants through a gruelling task of steering past 200 kms in a span of 30 hrs;  completing a combination of activities like Mountain biking, Trekking, River Rafting, Rifle shooting and River Crossing.

Every  July , NEF also Organises the K2S : THE MONSOON ADVENTURE RACE primarily a trekking race that requires the teams to conquer a distance of around 20 kms from the Katraj Tunnel to the Sinhagad fort in Pune, negotiating more than 14 hills along the way.


ORGANIZATION TEAM : NEF has a strong team of over 200+ Race Marshals ( All Volunteers ) that not only man the various check-points during the race but also form the various committees viz. Race Committee, Route Design Team, Results Committee, Medical Team, Support Team, Rescue Team, Communication Team, General Administration Team .
TRANSPORTATION : To ensure quick and safe movement of men, material and avoid delays due to logistical problems, NEF uses its own team of MUVs (multi-utility vehicles), motorcycles, speed boats and trucks.
RADIO NETWORKING : To ensure quick and efficient movement of the race throughout its course it is imperative to have a system of effective communication at all nodal points on the route. For this reason we have with us around 30 wireless radio base stations and 30 walkie-talkie sets. This communication is handled by the NEF Amateur Radio Club comprising of all licensed wireless radio ( HAM ) operators.
ADVANCED ROUTE DESIGNING AND CHARTING: It is absolutely essential to have accurate and true to scale maps of the race route to facilitate hassle free proceeding of the competitors. Therefore the entire route map of the race is marked on GPS to the very details. The structuring of the race route requires 2-3 months of meticulous planning comprising of numerous reconnaissance treks to assess the viability of the route with special reference to the time requirements and the difficulty levels.